The Mars Mission
The ‘innovation’ spoken of was about the fact that the entire program was built here, with indigenous tech – about successfully making MOM happen — not that the slingshot method was invented here.
It is true that the slingshot method is the textbook way to go about it – but there are many who don’t know about it. We merely tried introduce it to people and tell them how awesome it is.
The amount of accuracy required to execute the Hohmann transfer is incredibly high and being able to execute it is commendable.
We tried to make it clear through the annotations. We apologize for any miscommunication still present.


As recently as February 2014 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), in Mumbai, India, presented their latest design for a “next-generation nuclear reactor” that will burn thorium as its fuel ore. Once built, with a target date of 2016, they estimate that the reactor could function without an operator for 120 days.
India’s government is also developing up to 62, thorium reactors, which it expects to be operational by 2025. It is the “only country in the world with a detailed, funded, government-approved plan” to focus on thorium-based nuclear power.